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Well, it has been an action packed summer to say the least!

We ended our summer programme on a high with a trip to CORBY- Europe's largest urban sports venue. A lot of young people have engaged with TRAIN this summer, gone on outings, trips, taken part in a variety of workshops, activites and even yoga sessions!

On behalf of everyone at TRAIN, we want to thank our young people, volunteers, staff and supporters for collectively making it another great summer at TRAIN.

 Stay tuned for our term time programme out soon!


 TRAIN team x

Happy Friday everyone! 

We have some great news to share with you all, starting with the Paris to Rome bike ride that Jack and Dom began 2.5 weeks ago.

After blood, sweat and tears they have both made it to Rome!

Here's some stats on their incredible achievement:

Cycled 1306.92km,
Climbed 10,775m, 
Averaged 20.1kph over the whole trip 
Consumed 3.5kg of peanut m & m's. 

They really want to get to £2000 so please click on the link below to sponsor this amazing accomplishment! 



In other news, one of our volunteers- Georg Wanek is also doing a spot of fundraising for TRAIN!

Georg is a skateboard enthusiast and volunteers his time weekly to support our youth workers when out at the skateparks. For this reason he will dedicate one of six skateboard tricks in return for a donation and create a short youtube video. He will then announce the dedication and then do the trick on camera.

To donate, find out more and to see what kind of tricks Georg has to offer please follow the link below:



Have a great Bank Holiday weekend wherever you are!





Our 2nd to last week of the summer programme starts 21-25 August! We have trip to Poole, a nature walk, health day and more!


We have had a great week at TRAIN and can't believe it's the end of week 2 of our summer programme! Have a look at our weekly forecast for 7-11 August !

We are now officially in our 2nd week of TRAIN's summer program! Our first week started with Play Station tournament, cinema trip to watch Monster Island, challenges in the park, Up-Cycling furniture and Bubble football! Our weekly calendar is posted on our social media page and also can be found on our window at TRAIN office.

Here is what is in store this week!



TRAIN team

Happy Monday! Some fundrasing news to start the week.
 Jack Crowe a local secondary school teacher has decided to ride from Paris to Rome  to raise money for TRAIN (which is well over a 1000 miles!)  in the summer with his friend.
Please visit his crowdfunding page on Just Giving for more info or alternatively pop into the office on Mondays to donate! 
It would be great to see him reach his target.
Link can be found below:
Many thanks!

We have the pleasure of having Léonor with us at TRAIN for this week only whilst she is on work experience. Léonor has written a short paragraph to introduce herself to everyone!


'My name is Léonor and I am 16 years old. I attend the European School in Culham and have been living in England for 4 years now, having spent the other 12 years in Switzerland. I have just finished my school year and I am now doing my work experience here at TRAIN. I decided to do my work placement here in order to understand what happens inside the walls of a youth charity, what it's like to work alongside colleagues and to understand what being part of the organisation of events involving the youth's wellbeing is like. This will be a great opportunity for me to see the wide range of different career opportunities that I will have to choose from later on in the near future'

 From everyone at TRAIN we welcome Léonor and hope she has a fantastic week with us!

TRAIN are here to make the summer fun for everyone. We have a wide variety of sessions every week-day of the summer holidays offering a diverse range of posiive activities for young people to engage in. In addition, we have many exciting trips planned throughout the summer holidays offering many opportunities for young people to try new activities and gain memorable expereinces. Please follow the link below for a trips letter.

Anya has been volunteering with TRAIN for a few weeks now. Today she received her V10 award for volunteering 10 hours to TRAIN.  Her next target is to get her V30 award.

“Volunteering at TRAIN has helped me become more confident. I sometimes struggle with my mental health, but since working with TRAIN it has given me a purpose.” 

Well done Anya and thank you for all your hard work. 

On Friday 3rd February TRAIN held its annual Celebration Event at Didcot Civic Hall. Local MP and TRAIN Patron Ed Vaisey came to speak and show his support, as did our Mayor, Steve Connel, who presented the certificates and trophies.

The annual event is TRAIN’s way of celebrating the fantastic achievements of the town’s young people, and particularly those who give so much back to the charity that helps them, as well as to the local community. Teenagers don’t always get a great press. But Ed, Steve and a great many of the charity’s supporters came to stand alongside TRAIN’s staff and trustees and show how much the town values the contribution of its young people. For TRAIN, it’s about giving our young people the opportunities they need to flourish, and doing all they can to support our young people through whatever challenges they may be facing.

Many of TRAIN’s young people attended, with family and friends, to receive awards for achievements including Young Ambassador and Young Leader qualifications. TRAIN’s highly committed volunteer team was also celebrated. Without their selfless dedication, the charity would be unable to reach the number of young people it now manages to work with, and to give them the kind of lasting, flexible support many of our young people need.

The final award of the evening, announced by Brian McNamee, Chair of TRAIN, was our Award of Excellence. This was awarded to the one girl and one boy who we felt had achieved the most over the past year. These young people were presented with specially made engraved trophies. We are very proud of them both!

The Celebration Event was about recognising all of our young people as well as a selection of our volunteers who epitomise what being a volunteer in a youth charity is all about.
The contribution of these volunteers - Noora, Naomi, Alice and Georg - makes TRAIN and ensures that all the amazing things that we heard about this evening can happen. Their unique dedication and hard work can sometimes go unseen, so we wanted to highlight them in this way. A huge thank you to you all!

Noora gave up her career and high paid job to give back to the community and she chose TRAIN. The work she has done has been essential and includes: policy work, business planning, legal research, being home contact for trips, coming on detached, helping young people with their CVs, collaboration with other agencies and putting the young person forward for Rotary Youth Leadership course,  which we know changed his life. Noora has given us over 778 hours voluntary work and even though she now has a career in the voluntary sector she still gives us 7 hours a week voluntary time.

Naomi has been working incredibly hard studying for her youth work degree. She has given over 110 hours of volunteer work to TRAIN, helping with detached sesssions and community events and ensuring we were able to go on trips.

"The Other Alice" has given over 100 hours volunteering to TRAIN. She has been a life line to detached sessions and additional programmes like generation heart beats and the music project and straight after the Celebration Event gave up her whole weekend to accomany two young people on a  young leaders residential.

Georg has given 40 hours of his time as a volunteer and with his expert skateboarding skills he has enabled us to start working with a new group of young people at the skate park, including introducing one of the girls to skateboarding. He was a key worker for the boys fundraising and will be going on the Corby trip next week.


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