Didcot TRAIN Youth Project

BE part of our #2reachout campaign!

Hello everyone! 

For this week only we are going into Didcot Girls' School assemblies to introduce students to TRAIN and explain a little bit about what we do here. Additionally, we will be talking about the importance of reaching out to a number of different support networks when you need some advice or someone to talk to with a TRAIN campagin to see which school year gets the most online action! 


We want to get as many of these hands (see picture) to show that no matter what the situation or who you are there are always people or organisations you can reach out to! So to highlight this we would like you to:


  • Take a selfie alone or with your mates showing your reach out hand and write- @DIDCOTtrain #2reachout


and never forget- A problem shared is a problem halved!