Didcot TRAIN Youth Project

February Half-Term

Half-term = a big week here at TRAIN! We have always been very passionate about offering many positive activities for young people during holiday periods, as they can be so important in acting as:

  • Invaluable life-skill building opportunities
  • Positive alternatives to more anti-social behaviour many may otherwise be inclined to partake in whilst being off school
  • Simply as opportunities to have a bit of fun!

This final point is especially important considering many of the young people engaging with us are often going through very difficult times. Having something positive to look forward to can therefore be so valuable in supporting the mental health of these young people. We also ensure that our activities are at a very low cost or often completely free to maximise their accessibility to all.

See our timetable below for a flavour of the exciting things we have on offer for young people this week. If you know of a young person who may be keen to get involved, please do get in touch with us for a chat!

Thank you.

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