Didcot TRAIN Youth Project

Midnight Ice Skating

On Sunday 18th December we took 18 young people on a great Midnight Ice Skating trip.

This was first cited by Alice Dore whilst doing detached youth work. She has had 10 years’ experience of taking young people from different organisations to the event. Interest in the event was really high and so the plan was created.

This was planned as a young persons celebration for the end of the Autumn school term. The objective was to take young people from Didcot to an event which was Oxfordshire wide. We wanted to give them the experience of:

• Integrating with other young people
• An opportunity to come together with other likeminded young people, to potentially make new friends
• Learn how to avoid judgemental behaviour, gain tolerance and acceptance
• To find similarities that they had not previously considered
• Learn to how to break down barriers
• Learn to get along with others.
and most of all to have fun!

This event was planned and organised in collaboration with Oxfordshire youth and other voluntary sector youth projects from across the county.

The feedback that we have gained since has been:
• “It was sic”
• “That was the highlight of Christmas”
• “We definitely want to do that again”

In our detached work leading up to the event the young people were talking about Midnight Ice Skating on every occasion. We are delighted to report that it was a defining event in the programme of TRAIN events and topped off the year in a really positive way. We see this as becoming established as a key event in the annual programme of TRAIN.

The trip helped the young people with building trust, issues of self-esteem and confidence. The majority of those who went on this trip said that it had helped them to feel better about themselves.