Didcot TRAIN Youth Project

Recognising our Volunteers

The Celebration Event was about recognising all of our young people as well as a selection of our volunteers who epitomise what being a volunteer in a youth charity is all about.
The contribution of these volunteers - Noora, Naomi, Alice and Georg - makes TRAIN and ensures that all the amazing things that we heard about this evening can happen. Their unique dedication and hard work can sometimes go unseen, so we wanted to highlight them in this way. A huge thank you to you all!

Noora gave up her career and high paid job to give back to the community and she chose TRAIN. The work she has done has been essential and includes: policy work, business planning, legal research, being home contact for trips, coming on detached, helping young people with their CVs, collaboration with other agencies and putting the young person forward for Rotary Youth Leadership course,  which we know changed his life. Noora has given us over 778 hours voluntary work and even though she now has a career in the voluntary sector she still gives us 7 hours a week voluntary time.

Naomi has been working incredibly hard studying for her youth work degree. She has given over 110 hours of volunteer work to TRAIN, helping with detached sesssions and community events and ensuring we were able to go on trips.

"The Other Alice" has given over 100 hours volunteering to TRAIN. She has been a life line to detached sessions and additional programmes like generation heart beats and the music project and straight after the Celebration Event gave up her whole weekend to accomany two young people on a  young leaders residential.

Georg has given 40 hours of his time as a volunteer and with his expert skateboarding skills he has enabled us to start working with a new group of young people at the skate park, including introducing one of the girls to skateboarding. He was a key worker for the boys fundraising and will be going on the Corby trip next week.