Didcot TRAIN Youth Project

Thorpe Park & go karting

Joe, Mirren and Jordan approached Didcot TRAIN with an idea of a fun trip to Thorpe Park and to go, go karting. This lead to them finding ways to fund and organise the trips.

We wanted to do this because we felt like there was no opportunity to do this in our area, and have some summer fun! Both of these trips turned out to be a massive success and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. To us this was our summer highlight and made the summer so much better than it would have been. Thorpe Park was an amazing day with great weather and an amazing atmosphere. Go karting was even better with fun competition and lots of adrenaline throughout the races. We were lucky enough to get a really good deal on both the trip and we couldn't have got this without TRAIN funding which helped us a lot. Jordan's best bits were beating Joe at the races when he said he was going to win.

Report by Joe and Jordan