Didcot TRAIN Youth Project

TRAIN's 2 new part-time youth workers

We are delighted to have recently recruited two fantastic new part-time youth workers - Justina Petkunaite, who started at TRAIN on 16th January (pictured) and Karolina Dobrzycka, who will start on 20th February (photo to follow).

Justina Petkunaite is an experienced and JNC qualified professional youth worker. She holds a Youth Work BA (hons) degree and has worked in Youth Work for over seven years.
One of her most valuable experiences is her role of Senior Youth Worker in the open-access youth centre called Sweatbox. This has involved supervising the practice of over 53 voluntary and paid staff aged between 11 and over 18, planning and delivering residentials, building a positive rapport with the young people attending and effective signposting and safeguarding.
She has had a significant amount of experience in working with a wide range of young people in a variety of different settings and provisions. She has a passion for empowering young people, nurturing and encouraging their participation in the work being delivered, and aiding them in learning new skills, improving their confidence in themselves and making a positive impact upon their lives.

Karolina Dobrzycka graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Pedagogy: Protective-educational work. Currently she is writing a thesis to complete a Master’s degree in Pedagogy: Counselling and psychopedagogic consulting.
She gained her first work experience at the Local Committee for Protection of the Rights of the Child and Crisis Intervention Centre in Leszno, Poland. Her activities there included working as a family assistant with women and children affected by domestic violence or homelessness. She designed and realized her own projects as local initiatives. Those included preventive workshops about sexting and about cyberbullying
At the moment she is finishing an EVS project in Rezekne, Latvia, in which she is a volunteer in the youth centre, working with kids and teenagers aged 3-25 from varied cultural and ethnic backgrounds. She delivers English lessons, creative workshops and organize free time activities for the Russian, Polish and Latvian communities.
She loves working with children and teenagers using non-formal education methods.