Didcot TRAIN Youth Project

Weekly Update 02.03.20

After a big half-term week of positive activities, last week saw us reset for the upcoming term, continuing with our regular provision timetable. This included:

  • Head Start: it was lovely to meet the 16 new young people at Stephen Freeman and Aureus who we will be delivering our Head Start programme with up till Easter. Stephen Freeman are taking up our ‘Promoting well-being and exploring mental health’ stream of the programme, whereas Aureus will be the first to take up sessions in ‘Promoting positive behaviour in school’. All the young people engaged very well and we are hugely looking forward to observing the impact it will have on their behaviours and wellbeing going forward.
  • “Get Started with Emergency Services” reunion day: Charlotte very much enjoyed visiting Didcot Fire & Rescue Station for a reunion day for NEET young people who took part in a week long course held in January centred around offering an insight into the Fire and Rescue Service, whilst developing valuable skills – delivered in collaboration with The Prince’s Trust. It was a great opportunity for building awareness of TRAIN’s services amongst those who attended and for us to meet a number of other local organisations. We very much appreciate having been invited.
  • Young Women’s Group: a relaxed session, focused on gathering views for upcoming sessions. It was also brilliant to be joined by new volunteer Claudia who we are very pleased to be welcoming to the team!
  • Young Men’s Group: this week’s theme was rights and responsibilities, leading to interesting discussions around what young people’s rights are in the local community, reducing risks of getting into trouble. This was followed up by a team building activities, including the levitating stick and human knot challenges. It was excellent to see the young people working together really well and building their leadership skills.
  • Dinner and Debate: globalization was the topic of Tuesday’s D+D session. Many good ideas were shared, particularly around positive and negative ways in which the phenomenon is influencing local services and Didcot as a whole. Thursday’s session then saw young people take part in a quiz around body image and positive empowerment, before making posters celebrating why it’s good to be unique.
  • Detached and Outreach – as always sessions proved important for interacting with young people around the town, reminding them of our upcoming sessions and keeping in communication with local and key partner agencies to TRAIN.
  • Friday Fitness followed by Drop in and Chill: it was positive to have a good number of young people attending the entirety of the evening, many eagerly arriving early before Lisa and Charlotte had even arrived back from outreach! An hour of pad work was fully enjoyed before the more relaxed open ‘chill’ session. It was particularly positive to see signs of older young people looking out for those younger than them, integrating really positively together.

This week will see us continuing with our usual schedule which you are all, as always, very welcome to get in touch with us regarding if you have any questions.

We hope you all have enjoyable weeks!

Kind regards,

The TRAIN Team