Didcot TRAIN Youth Project

What a Celebration!

On Friday 3rd February TRAIN held its annual Celebration Event at Didcot Civic Hall. Local MP and TRAIN Patron Ed Vaisey came to speak and show his support, as did our Mayor, Steve Connel, who presented the certificates and trophies.

The annual event is TRAIN’s way of celebrating the fantastic achievements of the town’s young people, and particularly those who give so much back to the charity that helps them, as well as to the local community. Teenagers don’t always get a great press. But Ed, Steve and a great many of the charity’s supporters came to stand alongside TRAIN’s staff and trustees and show how much the town values the contribution of its young people. For TRAIN, it’s about giving our young people the opportunities they need to flourish, and doing all they can to support our young people through whatever challenges they may be facing.

Many of TRAIN’s young people attended, with family and friends, to receive awards for achievements including Young Ambassador and Young Leader qualifications. TRAIN’s highly committed volunteer team was also celebrated. Without their selfless dedication, the charity would be unable to reach the number of young people it now manages to work with, and to give them the kind of lasting, flexible support many of our young people need.