Didcot TRAIN Youth Project


The staff team at TRAIN is small but we work as hard as possible to support the young people with whom we come into contact with. We have team meetings and regularly provide peer support to each other as part of our day to day work.

We have a wide variety of skills to draw upon and this helps us to work to our strengths in our team.

Senior Youth Worker Justina currently leads the TRAIN staff and volunteer teams. With over 8 years’ experience in the Youth Work sector, Justina has delivered and led a broad range of youth work. Justina is passionate about empowering young people in making a positive difference in their lives and thriving, despite the challenges they may face.

My role here at TRAIN involves a variety of responsibilities to support the Youth Work team, from communications and general admin support to producing reports to TRAIN's funders. My time at university (studying geography), travels and experiences working in a number of different positions all come in very handy for such a varied role - one which is hugely rewarding. I was drawn to work at TRAIN considering the hugely valuable purpose of the charity. Seeing how much our support means to so many young people and how meaningful interactions with staff and volunteers can be, TRAIN is a truly inspiring place to work!

My name is Charlotte and I’m really excited to be starting my career with TRAIN. When I was younger I was involved with many organisations, one of which being TRAIN. I then started to work
retail jobs until I built up the confidence to start a job within education, working with young people who needed additional support. I have a passion for working with young people who may need extra support and it is what motivates me to work hard as it is really rewarding.

Hello my name is Lisa and I’m currently a Youth Worker at Train while studying for my final year for a degree in Community Development and Youth Work, I have previously worked at a youth club in Oxford where I grew up. As a young person I enjoyed the time I spent in my youth club and this pursued my passion to become a Youth Worker and formed some of my attributes, hobbies and inspirations I hold today. I enjoy boxing, rock climbing and adventures. I believe keeping active is crucial not just for a healthy body but also a healthy mind, this is something I will support and encourage while at WYPC, along with any other areas the young people want to cover.

Hi my name is Harry, I’m really looking forward to working with Train and helping young people within the Didcot area. I have worked with young people for a few years now both in a professional and volunteering capacity and I have a passion for outdoor adventure activities. I studied Outdoor Education at university and I love to see how these skills reflect on my youth work. I am most looking forward to getting involved in the local community and seeing what I can teach the young people and what they can teach me!