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Trustees and Management Committee

The Trustees and management are the governing body of TRAIN and oversee all of the work that takes place. These two groups of Trustees and management work together to ensure that TRAIN is operating effectively. They provide policy formation and overall governance support to enable the work to take place safely. The trustees are also responsible for the Vision of the charity and its five year business plan. They are accountable to the Charity Commission.

I have lived in the area for over ten years now. I first became aware of the unique work of TRAIN when my eldest daughter hit her mid-teens … and now my youngest daughter is at that stage too. It’s a time when young people need someone to turn to who won’t judge them; people with whom they can be themselves, and to whom they can turn for unconditional support. As a parent, I’ve been hugely impressed by what TRAIN manages to offer, and as a new trustee, I’m committed to taking that provision as far as we possibly can.

In my day job, I run an academic publishing company based at the UCL Institute of Education. It’s a university press that’s entirely dedicated to improving the educational opportunities of all, with a strong emphasis on social justice, and so joining TRAIN is a great opportunity for me to try to put these principles into practice. And, of course, a great privilege.

I became a trustee and secretary of TRAIN in September 2015, having lived in Didcot since 2013. At TRAIN’s annual review I was impressed by a presentation on TRAIN’s Kenyan dam-building project for ex-offenders, which planted a seed in my mind about getting involved with TRAIN. Having retired from my work as an insurance actuary, I am an adviser at Citizens Advice. I am also secretary to the steering group of Didcot Community Bank, which launched in September 2015. I am on the board of Swan Credit Union and a member of Didcot Methodist Church.

I arrived in Oxfordshire about 20 years ago and found a ‘home’ in the local area. Although the house and community in which I have lived has varied, it became clear to me in the late 90s that Didcot was where my heart was. I have been a member of the local Church here ever since and was finally able to move to Didcot in 2012. My day job is within the booking office at Didcot Parkway station, where I enjoy the opportunity to meet and help a wide variety of people.

My involvement with TRAIN began with its first discussions in CTDD (Churches Together in Didcot and District) and I have had very much a background, supporting role until now. With over 25 years’ experience in voluntary attached youth work, mostly through the Church, I am very aware of the number of young people in Didcot alone who face incredible challenges and do not have the support network they need. TRAIN is vital to Didcot, offering our young people help, support and encouragement when they need it the most. I believe that enabling and performing this work is perhaps the most important thing I will ever do.

Noora has been volunteering in a Strategic Support role since March 2016. She has offered hundreds of hours of work to strengthen TRAIN's policies and procedures. She has also been a strong ambassador for TRAIN, meeting many different local community groups to look at ways in which we can collaborate.   

Hi, I am Brian McNamee and I have lived in Didcot since the tender age of 1 year old. I have been aware for some time of the great work being done for the young people in Didcot by TRAIN and know how vitally important it is. When the opportunity came to be a part of things I was delighted to be able to step forward along with many others. I believe we can continue to do great things into the future and would like to thank everyone who gives us their resources, time and support so that we can encourage our Youth in their personal development.










I am a chartered accountant and a CFA charterholder. I trained with Price Waterhouse in London and worked in investment banking before moving into training. I currently work for Fitch Learning as a Financial Trainer. 

moved to the Didcot area in 2016 and became involved in TRAIN the following year. I have been impressed and inspired by the dedication of the staff, volunteers and trustees alike and by the generosity of the sponsors and donors. It is a privilege to play a part as the charity’s Treasurer

As Didcot expands, I hope that the community spirit evidenced to date will carry on and that TRAIN will thrive, so that it can continue to make a positive impact on the lives of young people living in Didcot

Having been involved with youth organisations for the past 12 years, I have never ceased to be inspired by both the services and people who devote their energy to nurturing talent, encouraging aspiration and delivering opportunities to disadvantaged young people, empowering and enabling them to reach their full potential. I spend most of my time as Head of Client Services at a regional charity in the South East of England, and also as member of the Foyer Federation Quality Council, overseeing the accreditation of Young People’s accommodation and training services nationally. I first took an interest and became involved with TRAIN in September 2016 and was instantly impressed by the genuine passion and desire of all those involved with the charity to make a positive impact on the lives of young people living in Didcot and on the community as a whole.

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