Didcot TRAIN Youth Project


The volunteer workforce are essential to TRAIN and the work it does, without them we would not be able to function or exist! We have a wide ranging skill base in within our volunteer team and really value all the work that they do behind the scenes and face to face with the young people. Each volunteer has a hugely important part to play within TRAIN.

To read more about volunterring at TRAIN please take a look at our Volunteering with TRAIN page. 

Martin has been volunteering with TRAIN for many years. He has supported TRAIN by being the man in the know when it comes to IT. He has spent many hours setting up new PCs and laptops and is always at the end of the phone to ask if we have turned it off and on again. 

Jonathan has been volunteering with TRAIN for many years. He has supported many trips out by driving the minibus, often giving up hours of time and even supporting residentals. 

Darren and I moved to Didcot in 2015. I noticed the TRAIN premises practically straight away and thought that was an organisation I would like to know more about. However we were very busy, looking for a house, renovating it, building an extension, developing the garden. By the time we had more time it was 2018. I noticed there was a volunteering fair in Didcot so I suggested we went along to see what we could get involved in. We met Justina at the fair who suggested we visit the TRAIN website and complete a volunteering application. We were contacted by Carolina , the volunteer coordinator, went in for a chat, got our DBS’s done and the rest is history. Volunteering for TRAIN is fun, worthwhile, gratifying, challenging and amazing. The young people are wonderful and it feels so good when we’re recognised and accepted. We continue to develop our skills working closely with the youth workers. TRAIN is expanding and we will be with them all the way for many years to come. 

I became aware of Didcot TRAIN through an event at Cornerstone in June 2018 that was promoting local organisations and volunteering opportunities. After to moving to Didcot in August 2015, I was looking to be part of a local community organisation and after speaking with Carolina at the event, Didcot TRAIN felt like it would be a good fit. I enjoy working as a volunteer with young people and seeing them develop and grow while developing my own skills and capabilities. Working as part of TRAIN team through a variety of activities including detached social work, young men’s group and sports/ community projects is personally rewarding.

I browsed different volunteering opportunities for a while, looking for something which combined a cause I cared about, with community contribution and a very social interactive element as I spend my days working alone. Joining the team at TRAIN has been an absolute breath of fresh air - and lots of fun!

I have always loved working with young people and it's so refreshing to find a charitable organisation that makes it easy to get involved and stuck in, with loads of flexibility around the activities you can volunteer for, and ways you can contribute. 

The team at TRAIN are incredible, especially with the young people. It's so inspiring to see the level of respect these kids have for the youth workers — a total testament to the work the team put in, the genuine care they have for each and every young person, and the strong relationships and trust that they forge. 

Being a part of TRAIN has been so rewarding; I always come home with a smile on my face. It's amazing the impact you can have with young people simply by treating them with the same level of respect and kindness that you'd expect to be treated with yourself. Their home circumstances, their age, or their background shouldn't make them any less deserving of that — TRAIN understands that. At TRAIN, they're not excluded, they're not "different", or "trouble" or "insignificant". At TRAIN they belong and they matter. That's worth everything."

Martin joined us in 2019, supporting our football programme and detached work. 

Ossa supports our weekly Young Women's Group.

Originally from Italy, Eleonora joined us in September 2019 and supports us with our Participation focused work. 

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If you would like to support our work please consider joining our growing group of supporters who regularly contribute to our funds.

You can do this easily, just take a look at our donate page.

Or, if you have spare time we are always looking for volunteers to help us work with young people but if you don't feel that is your thing we need halp in many other ways too.