Didcot TRAIN Youth Project

TRAIN Participation Pathway

TRAIN's Participation Pathway gives young people the opportunity to progress and gain more responsibility through engaging with TRAIN at a variety of different strategic levels.

Young Ambassadors – Young people are engaged at a strategic level and represent TRAIN and other young people at trustee meetings, local community meetings, regional meetings and also interview volunteers and staff.

Young Leaders – Young people who take a leadership role in planning and delivering events or trips to benefit other young people and their community. Engaging in local social action and planning their own community social action projects.

Young Volunteers – Young people that are at the beginning of their additional engagement with TRAIN. Offering their time to support the young ambassadors and young leaders at events.

All young people are encouraged to work towards V-inspired awards to recognise their volunteering commitment.

 What I have got from being a young ambassador is a great sense of responsibility. It’s helped me to grow up and realise my potential. It’s also a great feeling being able to work along side others that I may not have worked with before. It’s important to have young people at the heart of TRAIN as it gives us a sense of responsibility and we get to get involved with fund raising and helping the charity to progress forward.