Didcot TRAIN Youth Project

Young People Shape what TRAIN is…

TRAIN is in contact with 400 young people in an average year. We believe in the importance of them having a voice about how TRAIN should run and that their opinions are valued and respected. TRAIN's ethos of youth work reflects this emphasis as we take the initiative to go out and meet young people where they are, regardless of whether that is on the streets, in local parks or in the schools at lunchtimes.

By meeting young people on "their patch" it means that our emphasis of 'What can we do for you"? is genuine because we have intentionally sought them out and not just expected them to come to us. Through discussion and relationship building the young people choose what alternative activities and projects we offer them.

Our young people are regularly asked to evaluate our activities and we are continuously evaluating our effectiveness in helping them through our regular reporting to funders. This supports us in being able to better target our support for them into the future, formulate the forward direction of the charity and the quality of the work the Youth Work team.