Didcot TRAIN Youth Project

Our Supporters

TRAIN was registered as a charity (number 1094601) in 2002. It was set-up by Churches Together in Didcot and District with a substantial grant from the Lankelly Foundation. Ongoing funding is provided by the churches, South Oxfordshire District Council and Didcot Town Council. Over the years we have also received funding from other grant making bodies, local businesses and individuals. We are continually seeking new funding sources so that the young people will continue to benefit.

We have listed our main sponsors here under either Core Funding, or Project Funding. The categorisation depends on how specific the funding given is for a specific purpose and the inclusion of a sponsor in one category should not be taken as exclusive. Full detail of funding and funders is set out in our annual reports.

If you are interested in partnering with us in this work you can contact our trustees on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or you can donate directly to the organisation - for more information see our donate page.

Didcot TRAIN Youth Project was formed by Churches Together in Didcot and District and receives funding from a number of the churches.

South Oxfordshire District Council provides both core detached and project funding. SODC also provides our office in the centre of Didcot.

The Laing Family Trust have contributed towards both our core funding and the football project.

Didcot Town Council provide detached and project funding. Early support from the Town Council was also key in helping secure other funding when we started TRAIN.

The Community Safety Partnership (CSP) provides both detached and project funding.

Have contributed to the funding of one of our Young People attending a residential Young Leaders Course in February 2017.

Our Young Leaders course is operated by Oxfordshire Youth and is a 3 day residential course. The course has a great mix of activities and exercises in order to develop Leadership, Team Working, confidence, self -esteem and also builds mutual respect and understanding. It is often the first time one of young people has been away from home and therefore we support any of our attendees with a Youth Worker/and or Volunteer Youth Worker depending on their needs. We are most grateful that SOHA enabled one of our 2 young people to attend in February and gain all of the benefits which have made a difference to that young person’s outlook on life and their potential to achieve.