Didcot TRAIN Youth Project

Angus Lawson Memorial Trust

The Angus Lawson Memorial Trust are funding both one to one and group mentoring work, making a significant contribution to the lives of the young people we interact with. 

The key practical differences that this programme will make are:

Positively Empowerement: children and young people will develop their self-acceptance and confidence. They will be inspired to identify and pursue their aspirations, recognising their own talents and skills and learning to apply these in everyday situations.
Positive Relationships: children and young people will understand that positive relationships are based upon an appreciation of equality and mutual respect. They will learn the importance of listening to one another in a non-judgemental manner and of listening and valuing alternative views and opinions.
Positive Community Networks: children and young people will develop their interest and appreciation of the wider community. They will access other opportunities and contribute positively to the local social and physical environment.
Increased Employment and Educational Participation: children and young people will access and/or sustain employment and educational opportunities, enhancing their immediate and future prospects of success.