Didcot TRAIN Youth Project

BBC Children In Need

BBC Children In Need supports us to conduct two Group mentoring sessions a week where we work on three main areas.

Emotionally Well: CYP will be attentive to their thoughts, feelings and behaviours whether they are positive or negative. They will possess the ability to be aware of and accept their feelings rather than denying them, remaining confident in their ability to identify, act and access support should.

Positively Empowered: CYP will be confident in understanding who they are and will be aware of themselves as a unique individual. They will develop their self-acceptance, confidence and be inspired to identify their aspirations, recognising their own talents and skills and how these can be applied in everyday situations.

CYP will understand that positive relationships are based upon an appreciation of equality that comes from mutual respect and that power and control are equally shared. They will learn the importance of listening to one another in a non-judgemental manner and of listening to and valuing others opinions.