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TRAIN produces an Annual Report every year.

We also from time to time produce papers and reports about our work and the young people in Didcot.

We also have our accounts available here, as well as all of our project information for the Restart project.

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Read our full report by clicking on the download link below. Here is the introduction by our Chairman, Brian McNamee.

I am very pleased to report that we have had a largely successful year by all measures. The completely new team of Trustees have moulded together well and I would like to thank them for their enormous commitment and hard work. I would also like to thank our existing and new sponsors for their continued financial and moral support and also our new staff & volunteers.

Looking back over the year we initially set out to form the new Board of Trustees into a cohesive team. We needed to gain a deeper understanding of our roles and what it was we needed to do to be able to re-mobilise TRAIN and to enable us to operate effectively. We also needed to learn our accountabilities as trustees under the charity commission. Jenny and Ben both becoming Trustees gave us essential continuity of TRAIN workings as did the help of David Omar.     

In terms of re-mobilisation our recruitment process was very successful and we were delighted to recruit Alice and Joanna. We then insisted on using the next quarter to create a solid foundation for our new way forward despite pressure to get active again. We had to resist that and used this time with Alice to ensure we had considered everything we needed to in order to ensure that when we went back on to the streets we would be able to do so sustainably.

In that time we made plans, assessed needs, considered who we must build collaborative relationships with in the near, medium and long term and met with many people and organisations. We now have updated policies and procedures that reflect Best Practise and have set out our vision.

There are some decisions we have taken and things we have done which stand out over the year. Alice’s idea for the purchase of a pop up gazebo stands out as one of the key decisions in terms of our visibility on detached work and has been a master stroke in building trust with our young people. Noora’s work as a new key volunteer was to undertake a complete review of our policies and has been invaluable. Not only did she do this she also stood in as a volunteer supporting Alice on Detached work if a volunteer became unavailable for that evening. Carolyn’s early work to register the set of accounts literally allowed to us to continue to function as a charity.

The work in the Orchard Centre with the Police was a marvellous early success for us which increased our credibility greatly with the Police and the Orchard Management Team and was the subject of a large article in the Didcot Herald in August. The summer activities have also been a great success and give us a marvellous springboard to go into winter which is traditionally the most challenging season for the young people of Didcot.

Unfortunately we were not able to complete everything we would have liked to. We still have some key activities which are a work in progress. Our website, communications plan and the appointment of a new second youth worker are still to be achieved and we will work with even greater determination to achieve this.

We look forward to the coming year and to undertaking an early lessons learned review and using that knowledge to shape our plans going forwards. We will create a new Business plan for 2017 to sharpen our focus and ensure sustainability.