Didcot TRAIN Youth Project

Annual Reports

Read our full report by clicking on the download link below. Here is the introduction by our Chairman, Brian McNamee.

I am delighted to present to you the first Annual Report and Accounts of TRAIN for the period ending 31 March 2019. It has been an exciting and productive period for us at TRAIN. We have successfully transitioned from an unincorporated charity to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, which we believe is vital to the sustainability of the charity going forward.

We have also met our KPIs for the year April 2018 to March 2019, which is critical to us receiving our revenue grant from South Oxfordshire District Council (“SODC”), and we are currently ahead of our 4-year business plan due to a successful award from the Thames Valley Police Early Intervention Youth Fund. This grant has enabled us to employ another full-time youth worker, taking us to 4 Full Time Equivalent employees (“FTEs”), which was our 2020/21 target. Please take a look at the rest of our report as there are some wonderful case studies of our work. 

Read our full report by clicking on the download link below. Here is the introduction by our Chairman, Brian McNamee.

On behalf of the Board of Trustee’s I would like to express my thanks and my gratitude for all the financial support we have received from our sponsors and donors without whom we simply cannot exist. I would also like to offer my enormous appreciation for all the time effort and commitment that has been given by the Staff, Back Office and Youth Work volunteers and of course our young people to enable us to achieve our objectives.

All things considered this has been a deeply satisfying yet very challenging year. There have been some wonderful highlights to look back on which have given us great satisfaction and I would like to pick out a few of them.

It was very gratifying to receive the BACA’s Award for inspirational Youth Group at the Cornerstones in November. It was even more pleasing to experience the enormous heartfelt goodwill, support and encouragement that we seemed to receive from everyone present. It felt very special that we had so many people wanting us to do well for what they see as a most worthy cause, our young people.

Our recruitment process has been a great success and has allowed us to enormously strengthen our Youth Work capability to the extent that we now have Alice, Karo & Justina complimented by Carolina as Youth Work Facilitator. It has been terrific to have recruited such a strong team to work under Alice and even better to see their achievements with our young people.

Our own Celebration event in January was held at the Civic Hall and was a marvellous success. Our patron Ed Vaisey opened our celebrations and Steve Connel in his role as Mayor presided over the evening’s events. I would like to make special mention of Steve as he has been a wonderful supporter of TRAIN. We cannot speak highly enough of the support he gave us which even extended to spending one evening out on detached youth work but also to buying pizzas for our young people.

Immediately after the Celebration event 2 of our Young people were whisked off to their Young Leaders residential course at Milton Keynes to complete a successful double header that same weekend. Very soon after that we appointed 2 new Trustees in Laura Dennis and Luke O’Neill which was a great boost to our Youth Work expertise on the Board of Trustees.

I am very pleased to report that we were successful in winning the 4-year Operating costs grant from SODC for 2017-21. Due to the future predicted grant climate steer that all bidders received, the future funding profile is reflective of significant year on year reduction. This means that the year 4 grant is less than half of the year 1 grant which also has terms and conditions wrapped around it. It is imperative therefore that we successfully extend into new sources of sustainable funding.

In terms of my reference to challenging we met with a huge disappointment when SODC held back our grant for 2016-17 on the grounds of failing to meet our KPI’s. Given that both the changes that happened at Board of Trustee level were fundamental and the KPI’s were historically set for 2 Full Time Youth Workers you would understand my comments. Alice and her volunteers clearly punched well above their weight. We had mistakenly felt that both factors would have been a weighty consideration in the deliberations regarding releasing the grant.

I would like to express my enormous gratitude to all our sponsors and supporters for enabling us to undertake our work serving the young people of Didcot. I would especially like to thank the Community of St. John the Baptist in Begbroke and the Churches Together in Didcot collaboration.  Special mention is due for the sponsorship, unwavering support, care and concern provided by:

  • All Saints Church
  • Methodist Church
  • Baptist Church
  • Ladygrove Church
  • St Peter’s Church
  • Fleet Meadow Baptist Church

Regarding our links with Didcot schools we have built upon our positive relationship with St. Birinus especially extending into mentoring programmes and with DGS. We have built a highly effective new relationship with UTC and worked on a pilot Primary School scheme in Manor School for the first time.

Finally, I would like to thank the Board of Trustees, the Staff and our Volunteers for their marvellous contribution and for all they have done over the past year.

I will leave it to Alice to explain all the wonderful work that the team have been doing with our Young People although it would be remiss of me not to thank Jack and Dom for kindly sponsoring us on their epic cycle ride from Paris to Rome – well-done guys!