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We offer a number of weekly group mentoring sessions based on educating young people of various topics which may be of relevance to them in a group setting. The group environment works really well for strengthening the confidence of those attending in communicating with others, voicing their views and generally learning about how to communicate in a collaborative, respectful manner.

What is delivered in each mentoring session is fluid and flexible to the young people’s input and preferences, based on their reflections and ideas for topics they are keen to be covered.


Young Women’s Group

Our weekly Young Women’s Group offers a safe environment for young women to explore issues relevant to behaviours, thinking patters and conduct, furthering their ability to make informed and constructive choices. The range of themes explored across the workshops offered have been valuable in strengthening the self-esteem of those attending – both in themselves and specific aspects of their lives.  Topics explored range from health and well-being to mindfulness, understanding and managing anger and healthy relationships amongst much more. 

Dinner & Debate

Thanks to Greggs the Bakers, who provide us with fresh food at the end of the business day which would have otherwise gone to waste, young people are able to enjoy some good food, whilst engaging in open discussion around a set topic or question. This helps to raise awareness about listening and talking with each other respectfully as well as opening young people’s minds to different perspectives and increased understanding.

Head Start Programme

Over the last few years we have noticed the importance of working with the lower range of our age range of 11 to 18. As a result we were very excited to create a new programme called Head Start in 2019. The group mentoring programmes are intended to be an early intervention programme where TRAIN works on a group basis with the young people to address various issues.

Head Start Programme has three separate 6 week options:

Promoting Wellbeing and Exploring Mental Health – providing the opportunity for the young people to explore the topics of wellbeing, managing stress by looking after yourself, recognising feelings, the effect of food and sleep on mood and healthy friendships.

Positive Behaviour in Schools – providing the opportunity for the young people to explore the topics of their support network, role models and reputations, passive, assertive, aggressive, understanding and managing anger and exploring the young people’s relationship with school.

Team Building and Self-Esteem – providing the young people the opportunity to explore the topics of self-esteem, ‘Snap-It Challenge’, building communication skills, assertiveness, and sense of self.

The closing sessions for all three programs is focused on reaching out, the young people’s social and professional support networks, gathering feedback and reflecting upon the things they have learnt over the past few weeks. We also give the young people the opportunity to sign up to our Yr 6 and 7 Dinner and Debate sessions. There may be a possibility for the young people to have the opportunity to go on an end of course afternoon trip dependent on the young people’s engagement in the program.

After completing the programme, the child is awarded with a certificate.

If you are a teacher at a local Didcot school and feel certain students would benefit from the programme, please feel free to get in touch with us through info@didcottrain.org.uk. Before we beginning mentoring with young people, we require a Referral Form to be completed and returned to us for each young person you would like to put forward. We will also require a Consent Form to be completed by their parent/guardian and returned to us prior to the start date of the program. Please see the links below for the relevant forms. Further information can also be found in the programme booklet. 

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!