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Our Mission

empowering young people
TRAIN exists to improve the life opportunities of children and young people in Didcot and surrounding areas, especially those who are in need, disadvantaged or vulnerable, by empowering them to make informed decisions, attain stability, and become integrated members of society.

We empower young people to believe in their self-worth, to make good life choices, to accept and value their right to healthy and safe relationships ... and we watch their relationships with family, school and the wider community improve.


The trustees of TRAIN are responsible for overseeing the running of the charity. The framework for the operation of TRAIN is set out in its Constitution dated 3 August 2020.

The trustees hold a monthly meeting, with additional meetings as necessary, as they also double up as the management team. Individual trustees have responsibility for managing the charity’s staff, finance, governance, fundraising, IT, premises and communications. Each individual trustee has responsibilities on which they lead. The chair of the trustees oversees all aspects of the charity’s activities.

Alex McSweeney, our Youth Worker Delivery Manager, is currently responsible for the direct management of our Youth Workers. Alex reports to an Operations trustee, Maria Semmonds, who is responsible for overall staff management.