Didcot TRAIN Youth Project

Life Stories

We have had the privilege of  supporting a great number of young people over the past 14 years. Some of them have gone through very hard times and tough experiences. Here are a few stories and testimonials about those who we have worked with.

It was brilliant to be informed over the Summer (2019) by a member of the public that 3 young people regularly engaging with TRAIN had been noticed running to help an old man that had fallen down in the Orchard Centre. Having broken his nose and cut open his hand, the young people had helped him up, phoned an ambulance, bought him baby wipes and water using their own money, then found his daughter and waited for the paramedics with them both.

The inclination of the young people to support in the way that they did in this circumstance is fantastic. Their actions demonstrate their appreciations of the value in acting kindly towards others, even when not known to them – values addressed throughout the group mentoring sessions they regularly attend, by educating on the importance of respecting peers and the community through both behaviour and speech. All three should all be incredibly proud of themselves!

Simon (not his real name) – at 14 – We met him on the streets when he used to hang out and cause anti-social behaviour. He engaged well in our service and we built a good relationship with him. Simon left school with no qualifications and his offending increased. He ended up serving a 5 month prison sentence for attempted Robbery.

Andy tells us a little of his story:

Recently a young person who had moved away from Didcot came back into our office. She tried to find an equivalent service to ours in her new location but found there was nothing. She has returned to Didcot and cited access to TRAIN as an important factor in her decision to come back.