Didcot TRAIN Youth Project



We run a variety of different projects with young people in Didcot. These projects and activities are successful because the young people we work with want them.

Detached Youth Work

Detached youth work is as a unique and radical way of working with young people that has been at the heart of TRAIN since its creation.  Detached youth work differs from the traditional youth club in that instead of young people coming to us we go out to them and engage with them wherever they choose to meet.

We currently go out on the streets three nights a week building trusting relationships and drawing alongside young people, in an open and non-judgemental manner to support them in any way we can.  Sometimes all we can offer is a listening ear, other times we can provide information and advice on particular issues.  Working with other local organisations we can also signpost young people to various opportunities and resources.

Throughout history detached youth work has focused on the value of informal learning through conversation and dialogue.  We encourage young people to talk about the issues that are most relevant to them.  This could include anything from their interests and hobbies to drugs and alcohol or politics and relationships.  In exploring these topics we encourage young people to voice their views and challenge them to explore their values, attitudes and actions in relation to the world around them.  As relationships develop we can begin to see the real needs of young people and work with them to meet these needs. This could be setting up a 5-aside football team or even helping them preparing for a job interview.  We have to be flexible and respond to the ever changing situations.


TRAIN delivers mentoring schemes that are tailored to support young people within the Didcot area aged 11 – 18 who are in need of weekly support, for a set period of time. Our programme empowers young people to make better life choices, promotes better self-esteem and encourages them to reach their full potential. The young people are referred to TRAIN by a number of different agencies, including local schools, social servicies and/or other local partners. 

TRAIN has for a number of years delivered a weekly football project that seeks to give young people the opportunity to do something constructive in their spare time whilst also promoting a healthy lifestyle. The young people learn teamwork skills and how to manage potential conflict, in a safe, fun and positive environment.

We run positive activities in Didcot and trips further afield for young people, which are targeted at those who we have been working with on the streets and in the schools. These young people will be vulnerable in their leisure time and these activities are aimed at reducing the risk for them.