Didcot TRAIN Youth Project



We run a variety of different projects with young people in Didcot. These projects and activities are successful because the young people we work with want them.

We have been working with the towns young people since 2002. Over the last few years we have noticed the importance of working with the lower range of our age range of 11 to 18.

As a result we have created a new programme called Head Start. The mentoring programmes are intended to be an early intervention programme where TRAIN works on a group basis with the young people to address various issues.

We offer a number of weekly group mentoring sessions based on educating young people of various topics which may be of relevance to them in a group setting. The group environment works really well for strengthening the confidence of those attending in communicating with others, voicing their views and generally learning about how to communicate in a collaborative, respectful manner.

What is delivered in each mentoring session is fluid and flexible to the young people’s input and preferences, based on their reflections and ideas for topics they are keen to be covered. 

Explore More is a once in a life-time trip to the South of France to engage in a week-long residential programme like no other. This is an intensive personal development programme for the young people. The week involves a high level of physical activity with young people carrying out a combination of farm work and various adventurous activities. These support the young people in developing a range of valuable skills as well as offering the opportunity to experience some really quite magical moments throughout. 

The main aim of the programme is to give young people that may not have had to opportunity to travel or young people that may be demonstrating changing behaviour and ASB and are close or are at risk of exclusion. We will then work with them on life goals once away with the aim to set them on a new path on returning to the UK. We will support them with this through 1:1 mentoring sessions at TRAIN. 


Detached youth work is as a unique and radical way of working with young people that has been at the heart of TRAIN since its creation.  Detached youth work differs from the traditional youth club in that instead of young people coming to us we go out to them and engage with them wherever they choose to meet.

TRAIN delivers mentoring schemes that are tailored to support young people within the Didcot area aged 11 – 18 in need of weekly support, for a set period of time. Our programme empowers young people to make better life choices, promotes better self-esteem and encourages them to reach their full potential. The young people are referred to TRAIN by a number of different agencies, including local schools, social services and/or other local partners. 

TRAIN's Young Women's Football Programme is a popular aspect of the provision schedual. 

We run positive activities in Didcot and trips further afield for young people, which are targeted at those who we have been working with on the streets and in the schools. As the young people we work with are often vulnerable in their leisure time, the activities offered aim to reduce these risks for them.