Didcot TRAIN Youth Project


We run positive activities in Didcot and trips further afield for young people, which are targeted at those who we have been working with on the streets and in the schools. These young people will be vulnerable in their leisure time and these activities are aimed at reducing the risk for them.

This year we’ve worked with young people to plan their own positive activities holiday programme.

Young people in groups of 3 or 4 came to the office to plan and organise the trips which included trips to Thorpe Park, the beach, Splashdown water slide park, Aqua Park and to a new trampoline park.

It also meant we could do more activities in Didcot like bubble football, and multi-sports sessions. In partnership we have been able to deliver additional programmes, including a 3-week music project and #GenerationHeartbearts. This programme is aimed at breaking down gendered barriers, pressures, stereotypes and expectations that play a key role in young people’s relationship to sport, health and wellbeing.