Didcot TRAIN Youth Project

One to One Mentoring

TRAIN delivers mentoring schemes that are tailored to support young people within the Didcot area aged 11 – 18 in need of weekly support, for a set period of time. Our programme empowers young people to make better life choices, promotes better self-esteem and encourages them to reach their full potential. The young people are referred to TRAIN by a number of different agencies, including local schools, social services and/or other local partners. 

Our 1:1 mentoring sessions are typically held weekly for an hour at a time, over a 6 week period. TRAIN works with each young person to address any issues or concerns throughout the programme, individually tailoring sessions based on their specific needs. These are ascertained through conversations with the school, parent/guardian and the young person, ranging from emotional or behavioural difficulties to persistent non-school attendance, family problems and temporary exclusions.

Examples of specific focuses of programmes may include:

- Acting as an early intervention strategy to support vulnerable young people at risk of or involved in crime and/or Anti-Social Behaviour.

- Building a young person’s confidence and self-esteem to empower them to protect themselves from sexual exploitation. 


We now have FREE Virtual Mentoring sessions available for Young People Aged 11-18. 
Please fill out a form below if you are interested and would like to sign up. Alternatively if you are a parent/carer or a professional you can also complete a referral form below. 
As with all of our other sessions, everything you tell us about is kept between us confidentially unless we have any worries that you may be at risk of harm or that a crime has been committed. We would let you know if we needed to share any information to make sure you're safe wherever possible. 
Please be aware that TRAIN reserves the right to have the final say on the suitability of a young person for mentoring.

For Information: Project Scope or Target Group – 

1.    Young people must live in Didcot or attend a Didcot School to be eligible for the programme

2.    Aged 11-18

3.    Other factors that we would consider include – complex family issues that affect school life, at risk behaviour e.g. sexual behaviour, bullying, substance misuse school refuser.

4.    Demonstrating anti-social behaviour in the community and in school

5.    Young people whose involvement with the Hub has ended or do not meet the threshold but would benefit from mentoring

If you have any questions or would like to find out more, please feel free to get in touch with our Senior Youth Worker - Justina via E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via Facebook: Justina Train

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