Didcot TRAIN Youth Project

Volunteering with TRAIN

 The TRAIN volunteer application form can be found HERE

Being a TRAIN volunteer means that you will be supporting some of Didcot's most vulnerable and marginalised young people whilst actively engaging them back in to the community. Here at TRAIN we are incredibly flexible in the ways in which you wish to volunteer for us, whether it be utlilising your skills and knowledge in a specific area, looking to develop in a new area or simply just to volunteer and meet new people! Areas in which past volunteers have supported TRAIN have been:

  • Offering charity strategic support
  • Doing Youth Work sessions including, specific youth programs, football sessions, holiday programs, workshops, detached and outreach, Attending residential weekend
  • Catering for TRAIN events 
  • Driving a mini bus 
  • Maintain our office IT
  • Project management
  • Acting as Trustees

As you can see, there is scope to be part of TRAIN im many different ways and as a result we offer fantastic opportunties for personal and professional development in which you can improve your soft and hard skills. 

When required TRAIN may advertise for a specific volunteer position, for example due to the nature of TRAIN's work we frequently advertise for a volunteer postion as a Detached Suport Youth Worker- this is a unique role which composites a model of youth work which is made up of two elements-  

  • Detached ( a method of delivering informal and social support/guidance and is concerned with addressing whatever needs are presented) 
  • Outreach ( encouraging young people to utilise an exisitng provision or bring them back to youth charities service)

TRAIN deliver this model of youth work by going out onto the streets of Didcot to well known areas or 'hot spots', public spaces and youth friendly areas such as skateparks and recreational parks in the evenings several days a week. For more information please contact us here and for more information on detached youth work please take a look at the website for The Federation of Detached Youth Work here



Volunteer Operational Trustee- 1 position available - Role Description

Volunteer Youth Support Worker- Detached - 7 positions available - Role description

Volunteer Facilitator- Volunteer Officer - 1 position available - Role description

Explore More Programme-Volunteer Support Worker- 2 positions available- Role description





                                   VOLUNTEER PROCESS


We have a straightforward process which involves:

1. completing our volunteer application form

2. We will then set up an informal interview to discuss your availability, skills, experience and interests and how you can support TRAIN.

3. We will then begin the DBS procedure to ensure you can work with or around children and adults

4. We confirm your start date and assign you to a youth worker!

We also offer workshop sessions delivered by our lead youth worker around models of youth work, challenging behaviour, safeguarding and drugs and alcohol so that our volunteers are up to speed with the latest policies and guidelines in the world of youth work. 


For every volunteer who works with us for more than 30 hours we will happily give a reference. 


The TRAIN volunteer application form can be found HERE


 People who come forward to help with TRAIN do so because they believe in the value of our young people and they have a desire to see them making the best of themselves and living fulfilling lives.Our volunteers are from many different backgrounds and vary widely in age range, but each one makes a unique contribution to the charity and enables it to keep going year after year.


Volunteer Testomonials 

Please read on find what made some of our volunteers come on board.


"I am involved because I enjoy working with young people. I think that their energy and enthusiasm should be encouraged as we try to help them to find out who they are and what their special contribution to this world will be!"

"I used to hang around the streets of Didcot when I was a teenager and I know people who have changed their life for the better and those who haven't. This makes me want to help young people to change themselves for the better"

"I have always been involved in customer service in some way at work due to my open and easy going communication style. I enjoy meeting people and helping them to unpack their problems in search of finding workable solutions"

"TRAIN helped my little brother in the past and I would like to give back"

"I'm excited about working with youth in Didcot. I hope that over time I can develop meaningful relationships with them and make a difference in their lives"

"I grew up around drugs and a mostly absent father. I would like to be able to help those in a similar place in life"

Support Us

If you would like to support our work please consider joining our growing group of supporters who regularly contribute to our funds.

You can do this easily, just take a look at our donate page.

Or, if you have spare time we are always looking for volunteers to help us work with young people but if you don't feel that is your thing we need halp in many other ways too.