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Can you play a key role in enabling TRAIN to thrive?

Being a TRAIN volunteer means that you will be supporting some of Didcot's most vulnerable and marginalised young people whilst actively engaging them back into the community. Here at TRAIN we are incredibly flexible in the ways in which you wish to volunteer for us, whether it be utlilising your skills and knowledge in a specific area, looking to develop in a new area or simply just to volunteer and meet new people!

Areas in which past volunteers have supported TRAIN have included:

- Doing Youth Work sessions including, specific youth programs, football sessions, holiday programs, workshops, detached and outreach, attending residential weekend

- Offering strategic support

- Catering TRAIN events 

- Driving a mini bus 

- Maintaining our office IT

- Project management

- Acting as Trustees

As you can see, there is scope to be part of TRAIN in many different ways and as a result, we offer fantastic opportunities for personal and professional development. 

Current Positions

If interested in supporting with our youth work sessions or have other skills you feel could benefit our work (e.g. admin, maintenance, sport etc) please send your CV to info@didcottrain.org.uk - even if you are not fully sure what aspect of our work you would like to support with just yet! We will then be in touch shortly. 

We have a straightforward process which involves:

1. Sending your CV to info@didcottrain.org.uk

2. An informal interview to discuss your availability, skills, experience, interests and how you can support TRAIN

3. Reference check 

3. Beginning the DBS procedure to ensure you can work with or around young people and adults

4. Being allocated a session to support with (if interested in supporting with youth work) 

5. 1 month in we'll have a check-in chat to check all is working fine and if so, all will continue as before - welcome to the team!

For every volunteer who works with us for more than 30 hours we will happily give a reference. 

Please do get in touch if you have any questions.

People who come forward to help with TRAIN do so because they believe in the value of our young people and they have a desire to see them making the best of themselves and living fulfilling lives. Our volunteers are from many different backgrounds and vary widely in age range, but each one makes a unique contribution to the charity and enables it to keep going year after year.

Current Vacancies